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I was a guest on BBC Radio Scotland’s Sunday Morning with Richard Holloway program, along with Alastair McIntosh. We discussed men’s spirituality and male isolation.

My interest in men’s work is rooted in my lived experience as a man. An early interest in the mythopoetic men’s movement led me to become involved in men’s rites of passage, and an ongoing involvement in Scottish residential men’s groups. I have come to have a fairly gender-critical view, rejecting essentialist perspectives on gender, but recognising masculinity as a way of being in the world.

In this conversation, Alastair and I discuss with Richard:

  • Why more men are facing isolation in old age
  • Inward and outward life of men
  • The role of work in male identity
  • Post-industrial poverty and the ‘Glasgow Effect’
  • Scottish men’s reluctance to discuss emotions
  • Nature vs nurture in Papua New Guinea and the Isle of Lewis
  • Eldership and the value of older men
  • Women’s culture in older life
  • Men’s rites of passage and embodied spirituality
  • The difference between solitude and loneliness
  • Access to nature and ecopsychology for urban men
  • Care for older men within churches
  • Moving spiritually into the heart in later stages of life
  • Hyperstimulation and social media
  • Old age as a time to ‘make your soul’ and die in peace
  • The Galgael Trust, connecting with natural materials and working with hands
  • Older men as ‘burdens’ and reaching the most isolated
  • Intergenerational community building
  • ‘The touch of blessing’: older men passing on

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04lsq2d Here is the program description and link.

We often hear how loneliness is a common problem amongst older people, but it seems to be on the increase particularly with men. Luke Devlin, Executive Director of the Centre for Human Ecology and Alastair McIntosh, writer, campaigning academic, and board member of Galgael join Richard to discuss some of the causes and explore some imaginative community initiatives which might help.

Full credit for the material is attributed to the copyright owner, BBC Scotland. I host it here as fair use for archival and educational purposes as the broadcast is no longer hosted on the BBC iPlayer.

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